• predictive dialer system

    People do not perform well when placed in adverse conditions.  It doesn’t matter what type of activity is involved, given ideal conditions, people perform well.  When the same people are pampered, they are able to bring out their best performances.  Many of the people who are pampered are experts in their respective fields.  Researchers and scientists are some of the most pampered lot in the world.

    But when we speak of more ordinary types of people, you can say that sales people in general are also pampered.  It is not uncommon to find entry level sale jobs that includes a lot of perks including a service car; that is especially true of medical representatives.  This is because it takes a lot of skill and training to be a salesman.  Not everybody will have sufficient convincing skills to sell goods and services.

    Some of the most common pampered sales people are call center agents.  More than the basic skills these call center agents have, the training they have received to be good at what they do make them extremely valuable resources.  That is why call center companies pull out all the stops to retain their services.  They are provided with above-average pay and a good benefits package. And if you visit a call center, you will see how they are pampered.  Everything they need is in their workstations.  They have panties loaded with food and drinks; they have slumber rooms, play rooms, gyms, etc.

    On the work part of the pampering, they are provided with the most comfortable furniture, the most appropriate equipment and powerful software to make their jobs easier.  One of the most effective software tools given to increase a call center agent’s efficiency is the predictive dialer system.  More detail on how automated dialing systems work may be found in www.unisrc.com.

    Predictive dialer systems relieve the call center agent of the boring and tedious tasks so he can focus on assisting the client.  There is no sense in having a highly skilled and trained call center agent having to punch phone numbers manually.  The system dials the numbers for them and rejects those where the phone just rings continuously, are answered by a voice mail, returns a fax tone, or have been disconnected.  Only when a human voice answers the phone will a call be transferred to a call center agent.  Less time is wasted.

    A predictive dialer system can also be programmed to pace calls.  Under this system calls are forwarded to each agent as they become available.  This helps ensures a more even distribution of calls/tasks as well as reducing the time in between calls.  Productivity increases as each call center agent is able to handle more calls.  Most contact centers, including members of organizations like the Greater Toronto Contact Center Association, use automated dialing systems.

    Getting automated dialing systems to increase call center agent efficiency is probably one of the best investments a contact center can make.  Better software support always translates to better call center agent performance.